A $150 deposit will hold the puppy you choose. "First come, first served."

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TERMS and CONDITIONS of buying a puppy

Read to bottom of this page for all TERMS AND CONDITIONS


How it is decided who is purchasing which puppy.

The first $150 non-refundable deposit we receive will be the first one to pick which puppy they want. Other deposits received will choose which pup they want in the order we receive them.  Each person will state which gender they desire at the time we get their deposit and will pick which puppy they want within a week of when the puppies are born.  Once they have indicated their firm desire for a certain puppy, that will be considered their puppy.  The last person to send in their deposit will get whichever puppy is left of that gender. So you may want to send in a deposit sooner than later so you'd have more to pick from.


Terms of Payment

Please send your non-refundable deposit check (cashier's check or money order only - no personal checks) for $150.00  made out to G.E.F. Inc.  to:

Gladys Friesen
General Delivery
Mountain Lake  Minnesota  

You may also pay the deposit via PayPal.  Since PayPal has a fee of $4.65 to use their services the amount of  your deposit would be $154.65.

At the time you take possession of your pup, you will pay the remaining amount with CASH plus 6.875% sales tax (minus any deposit you've sent).


You will be required to sign a Private Agreement (similar to the following) when you take possession of your puppy.  Request a copy of your Private Agreement be emailed to you in advance of your getting the pup so you have time to read it over.

                          A1 ANIMALS PRIVATE AGREEMENT

This Private Agreement is made this ____ day of ___________, 20?? between A1 Animals, Inc./G.E.F. Inc. ("We", "Us", “A1 Animals”, “G.E.F. Inc.” or "Seller"), 1819 Adams St. #194, Mankato Minnesota and _________________________________ ("You", "Your", or "Buyer").

ALL DOGS BRED AND SOLD BY A1 ANIMALS/G.E.F. Inc. WILL BE HONESTLY REPRESENTED AND EVALUATED AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE AT TIME OF SALE. If we know of something physically, mentally, behaviorally, or emotionally wrong with a puppy we will not hide it. All breeds of dogs have health situations found within their breed. We know that from time to time we might find such a problem and we will disclose that if it happens.

Short-term health: Buyer has 7 business days from the time of purchase/possession of the puppy to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian (at buyer's expense). If, at that time, the buyer’s veterinarian determines that their puppy has an unacceptable health problem that will significantly affect its long-term quality of life (not including illnesses/conditions such as colds, viruses, retained testicles, mange, coccidiosis, worms, etc.) and which is also confirmed by the seller's veterinarian, the buyer may return the puppy at the buyer's expense. In the event of a puppy’s death during this time, a veterinary report from the veterinarian treating/examining the puppy must be submitted to seller's veterinarian for inspection. A refund or a trade for a different puppy of the same gender and approximate price will be arranged. No refunds/reimbursements for travel costs or health care are offered. No refunds/reimbursements for loss of puppy due to buyer's negligence or an accident will be offered.

A1 Animals strongly recommends that your puppy not be exposed to premises known to be or suspected of being contaminated, nor exposed to unhealthy animals (for example: dog parks, interstate rest areas, the floors of veterinary offices, groomers, obedience classes, or any place with a lot of dog traffic) until all inoculations have been completed.

Long-term health: As far as seller knows, all dogs are physically, mentally, behaviorally, or emotionally healthy and are free of major genetic health problems. However, if a puppy develops a genetic health problem within six months of its birth that significantly and negatively affects its long-term quality of life (such as hip dysplasia, collie eye anomaly, or epilepsy) and is diagnosed by the buyer's licensed veterinarian within that six months of age and is confirmed by the seller's veterinarian, we want to resolve the issue with you. If both veterinarians agree that the condition is genetic, permanent, and significantly affects the quality of life of the dog, we may be able to offer to trade a different puppy of similar price and gender or refund. Buyer would pay all travel and all veterinary costs.

Any medicating or care of any kind that the buyer provides their puppy, at any time, will be at the buyer's expense. The buyer may choose to provide medical care or to euthanize a critically ill dog. A1 Animals will not reimburse for any medical care.

Refunds/exchanges are only given for puppies determined to have an unsoundness/unhealthiness that will significantly affect its quality of life and was not preventable as agreed upon by both buyer's and seller's veterinarians. Buyer agrees to pay all travel and all veterinary costs. Injuries received or preventable illnesses occurring in puppies after leaving A1 Animals’ care do not apply to this guarantee. A1 Animals is not responsible or liable for any present or future physical, mental, behavioral, or emotional conditions once buyer has taken possession of the puppy except as stated above.

Returned/Unwanted Puppies: From time to time, a life situation requires a puppy's new family unable to keep their new puppy. In this situation, we want to be notified so we can help find the puppy another good home.

If you determine that you can not keep your puppy after receiving him/her, we will try to help you find a new home. We do not guarantee that you will recoup your money, as the puppy's advancing age generally causes a reduction in the price people are willing to pay. We also can not represent the puppy's health, care and human socialization beyond the date the puppy left us, and therefore can not claim the puppy belongs to us in order to increase potential buyers' confidence. We offer no guarantees of a new home for your puppy.

Legal Notes:This is a private contract and private sale between private parties. All puppies/dogs purchased from A1 Animals/G.E.F., Inc. will be considered sold in Cottonwood County Minnesota regardless of the location where the buyer takes possession. A1 Animals/G.E.F., Inc. and its owner(s) are not liable for ANY kind of damages suffered by, an injury or illness to, or the death of a participant or their property resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities. You are assuming the inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity when you interact with, buy or own any animal at/from A1 Animals/G.E.F., Inc.

Buyer:                                                                 Seller:  A1 Animals/G.E.F. Inc.

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Signature                                                             Signature

______________________________                  _Gladys Friesen, agent_______
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