A $150 deposit will hold the puppy you choose. "First come, first served."

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Meet the beagle parents (see puppy photos below)

Maxi usually has tri-colored beagle puppies

Maxi is the mom

Maxi is an AKC registered pure bred 13" tri-colored beagle born on our farm.  Her father, Max, is from the "Gay hound" bloodline (see link at top of page for that history).  She weighs about 24 lbs and is a very good mother.  A puppy from Maxi will make a great addition to your home.


Trigger is the dad.

Trigger is an AKC registered pure bred 13" tri-colored.  We got him when he was an older puppy.  He weighs about 22 lbs.  He loves to play with the other beagles and is loving and friendly to humans.

Maxi's Puppies (see photos below)

These little ones will be ready to move to their new homes about July 10, 2019.  They are pure bred beagles who can be registered with the AKC.  The females are $1100 plus $75 sales tax (unless you plan to use them for breeding,then they're $1300 + $89 tax) and the males are $900 plus $61 sales tax.  A puppy from this litter can be registered with the AKC.    They will be kept up to date on loving care and their shots and worming. When it comes time for the pups to go to their new homes, we are willing to meet you part way if you cover the cost of gas, $25 for a meal for 2, and $15/hr for our time.  Email your city, state, zip code and phone number to     GreatSnack@Frontiernet.Net    for a quote. 

MEET MAXI'S PUPPIES - wish I was a famous photographer! :)

Maddie on 6-3-19

Maddie is female beagle pup

Maddie is brown and white with a thin strip of white on her neck and a white dot mid hip .  Will add more about this beagle puppy and her temperament as she gets older.

Maxine on 6-3-19


Maxine has gotten a new family.

Melany on 6-3-19

Melany on 6-19-19

Melany is tri-color beagle puppy with white on the right side of her neck, a dot mid back and on both hips.   Will add more about her temperament and character as she gets older.

Micah on 6-3-19


Micah's new family picked him!