A $150 deposit will hold the puppy you choose. "First come, first served."

(507) 351-5259

MEET THE BORDER COLLIE PARENTS (see puppies photos below)


Nikki is the mom

Nikki is pure bred border collie and registered with APRI (America's Pet Registry, Inc.)  She was born on our farm and has whelped some wonderful puppies.   She weighs 38 lbs.


Jethro is the dad

Jethro is a pure bred border collie registered with APRI (America's Pet Registry, Inc.) and the ABCA (American Border Collie Assn.).  He weighs 40 lbs.  He's fathered some very nice puppies.

Nikki's Puppies (photos below)


The border collie males are $500 (plus $34 sales tax).  The puppies can be registered with America's Pet Registry, Inc. (APRI).   They will be up to date on their loving care,  vaccines and wormer. A $150 non-refundable deposit will hold one for you. We work on a "first come, first served" basis so the first deposit we receive will have first choice of which pup they want.  When it comes time to take your pup home, we are willing to meet you part way if you help cover our expenses - the cost of gas, $25 to feed 2 people and $15/hr for our travel time.  Call or text Gladys for an estimate or with your questions and interest level at 507-351-5259 or send an email to GreatSnack@FrontierNet.Net 

NIKKI'S PUPPIES (see video links below)


Noah 5-15-19

Noah is a border collie puppy who, of the 2 puppies left, is adventuresome and seems quick to learn new things.  He's loving and friendly but too busy to want to be held for very long.  I think he will grow into loving "cuddle" time as he loves human attention.  He is getting a little more brown around his eyes.


Nubee 5-15-19

Nubee is a border collie puppy who, of the two puppies left, is slow to try new things but is very loving and friendly and likes to be held.  He loves human attention.  He obeys the "come" command quite well.  He has some brown on his face.