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Dedicated to providing loving and healthy BEAGLE puppies



In the southwest corner of Minnesota rests a small family farm that has been "in the family" since the early 1930's. After having raised mostly corn and soybeans over the years, we've decided to be more diversified in the way we live.  We've started by raising some beagles, border collies, their puppies, moscovy ducks and chickens.  They bring hours of entertainment as we watch and interact in their day-to-day lives.


Beagle Puppies waiting for their new families.

Experienced Breeder

We've been raising beagle puppies since 2013 and border collie puppies since 2014. We all live on a farm in the southwest corner of Minnesota near Mountain Lake.

Frank Reese was the originator of the Gay hound. He insisted they had excellent running qualities.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

All our adult beagle females were born on our farm and are decedents of Gay Baker - many hunters have declared him as "the greatest hound ever hunted with."   Frank Reese was the originator of the Gay hound bloodline.  Frank  always insisted his hounds and their puppies have excellent conformation as well as excellent running qualities. 

Friendly and loving beagle puppies

A Furever Friend

Our beagle and border collie puppies are known to be loving and friendly, good with children, intelligent and, with training, should be good hunters.  Common to the beagle breed, however, is that "once their nose turns on, their brains turn off"!  Unless they're inside or fenced in, they should be on a leash.

What you can expect from us

A sense of being at your good friend's house.  Expect a warm and friendly atmosphere from us and our beagle and border collie puppies.

Honesty.  You shouldn't have to wonder if we're trying to hide anything.  You'll hear the truth from us.

"Aim to please" attitude.  Our goal is to make your time and/or transactions with us enjoyable.